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Shanghai Dominatrix and Domme Mistress Eva is classically trained and internationally recognised. She has been featured in Washington Post, Entrepreneur, Newsweek, VICE and DAZED. Mistress Eva is a BDSM Lifestyler that writes and hosts workshops on kink worldwide. She interested in meeting genuine submissives for longer term personal engagements.

* Online BDSM training also available

Mistress Eva lures desires out of your brain that you did not even know that you had.

- Plaything O

Dominance is my nature. This is not simply a game. I adore genuine submission, mindful obedience and attentive service. I am best suited to established players, however beginners who are ready to be led into genuine power exchange rapidly are welcome.

Our first D/s date is an introduction. In this time I want to find out more about you, what you are interested in – and how you could serve me going forward. I may even ask about a fantasy or two. However my initial focus is to understand what it’s like to toy with your personality first and foremost. I will guide us each step of the way; and I will instigate and appreciate your surrender.

Understand that I am a psychological player and that I prize self-awareness and a resilient mind above all. Aside from objectification and heavy restraint physical pursuits are of a lesser drive to me. If you are intrigued by mental, verbal and emotional play we will get along. If you are able to handle a touch of humiliation or more – I may not let you leave… Your service will be a contribution to my already full life. You will never be the only one who serves me. But to those who consistently work to earn my energy, effort and attention – I am a consistently engaged, engaging and dedicated Mistress.

Being helpless beneath you was incredible.
slave m
You will lose control of time and space. You will let go of any thoughts, and you will solely focus on the one and only goal - to please Mistress Eva.
Pet M
My life changed for the better. You are an amazing force.
pet j



– Discretion assured –

Please read my website carefully, peruse my social media profiles (Twitter | IG), read some of my press interviews – and perhaps even join my online slave training site. These resources will help to inform you on how to catch my attention best. You may then introduce yourself to me respectfully here. I will want to hear about why I interest you and what your relationship is to BDSM.

* Do note that all interactions are personal to me. Therefore, I will act on my whims first – and on your instruction never. I dictate what we will get up to. I decide this based on my  mood, and what I believe will suit us best. I appreciate your surrender deeply.

** Want to learn more about my kinks, limits and how I run my D/s relationships? Click here.

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    I also offer online BDSM training at Inside you will be taken through my custom training courses; and through thousands of photos and videos you will work towards becoming my perfect slave.

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