Shanghai Dominatrix, British-Chinese Domme, Mistress Eva

Mistress Eva is a classically trained Dominatrix in Shanghai. A lifestyle Domme, she genuinely thrives off of power exchange and erotic domination.

A respected member of the international BDSM community Mistress Eva has been featured in VICE’s Broadly, Washington Post and AVN Media.

* Online slave training also available

Mistress Shanghai Domme Dominatrix

I want your ultimate submission

Dominance is my nature. This is not just a game.

You will do as I say – and, you will please me.

I was made for this. To dominate your thoughts. To dominate your desires. To release you from your binds – as you step into mine.

Give me your attention. Give me your devotion. Give me your focus; and we will both get exactly what we want:

Your ultimate submission

Your breathtaking beauty. Your strict adherence to protocol. Your individual style…you combined your sessions with an exquisite form of seduction that leaves one desperate and hungry for more.

Serve me well

Let us begin with your desires, limits and the safe word of the day. Let us end with you gagging for more


I get a real thrill from indulging your kinks. In fact I have quite a few of my own. But what I want most is your ultimate submission - and I will toy with you relentlessly until it's mine. See my kinks.


Wine and dine me. I don’t bite (without consent). Courting me will give you a certain advantage. But don't you worry, I will still always take advantage over you...


I also have the most delicious sub girl. See Femdom Sub Girl if you dare.

My kinks+

My primary interests, in session

  • Erotically charged mental manipulation
  • Artful verbal humiliation that starts as tease before you realise you are in a world of sweet degradation
  • Understanding, pushing yet respecting your limits (this is very important to me)
  • You doing as I say, jump higher like this, suck harder like this – protocol followed according to my desires
  • Pushing delicately and not so delicately on all your kink buttons, I will use them to use you
  • Seeing you erotically overwhelmed and in absolute bliss
  • Controlling you so tightly to the edge of your orgasm
  • Dictating if and how you may finally release, release and release…
  • Using my sub girl on you accordingly

My primary interests, always

  • Genuine submission
  • Intelligent obedience
  • Courteous, competent, attentive, efficient service slavery (pre-empting my needs will get you far, could be as simple as making sure I never carry a bag)

My secondary interests, in session

  • Indulging my sadistic needs up to our safeword. Most of the time I am reading you throughly but sometimes I like that you are just a surface for my cane (I get the urge once every few months but it is strong)

My secondary interests, always

  • Being spoiled. I adore it when you get to know my preferences and look after them for me. This could be booking hotels and restaurants according to my tastes unprompted.
  • It could also be gifts. I am specific with my gifts, I know what I want and I will tell you. Safe words are allowed. I often consider this play meets adoration and generosity.

My other kink competencies

  • You name it and I’ve likely been trained in it. I began as a dungeon apprentice and practiced under many Mistresses before establishing myself as a Dominatrix. You could call it a classical training.
  • Physically I lean towards light to medium level play (up to marks for a week, restriction with some room for movement) but I am competent up until the lower range of hard play
  • Mentally and emotionally, I am at my best with advanced players; or I will lead beginners into genuine power exchange rapidly

Interests in progress but not a main focus

  • Kinbaku

Off the cards

  • Sex (my sub girl is available for this)
  • Intimate worship aside from ass worship (I find the combination of intimacy and degradation of ass worship sublime)
  • Instructions or scripts, I do not respond well to these. Pose every desire as a request and be ready to leave yourself to my hands.
  • Permanent branding or modifications, I will not do these myself but love facilitating so
  • Extensive blood play, nothing against it I only feel my experience is lacking
  • Anything illegal

To start, leading up to our first session

  • At this point you will be welcomed to share your general interests and experience with me. I may even ask to hear about a short fantasy or two. But my initial focus is understanding what it’s like to toy with who you are.
  • You may think of it as a very titillating first date.
  • Simply turn up and do as I say. I will instigate and appreciate your surrender…

If we meet again

  • I will be happy to dig deeper and may get you to fill out a thorough kink worksheet which I will incorporate into our interactions.

If I decide we will get along outside session walls

  • I would like to keep you on hand for errands and out of session activities, e.g. rope bottom in kinbaku workshops, my dinner companion, go fetch me something etc.
  • I may also send you to see my large network of carefully selected Mistresses. They are generally my friends but as I hold myself to a high standard they are also of this standard or greater. I do this to cover areas I do not excel in, for when I am unavailable or simply for my amusement.

A note on limits and boundaries

  • Hard limits are always respected
  • In initial sessions we will be testing the waters and so conversations around limits will be brief.
  • However as we progress – both your kink worksheets and our interaction will inform me further.
  • This is very important to me. I practice BDSM with a strong emphasis on ethical exchange that is risk aware, consensual and caring. We will be indulging in activities that society defines as hurtful but in actuality the negotiation inherent to a BDSM exchange makes it one of the most compassionate environments possible.
  • As a Dominant I am the caretaker of our emotions and consequences. I take this responsibility to heart.


bookings at youwillpleaseme dot com

If I accept your session we will meet at my 5 star suite in Jing An. It boasts over 60sqm of the finest slave crawling space Shanghai has to offer.

Please introduce yourself

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Online Slave Training

I also offer online slave training at Here you will get the chance to be trained by me – any time, anywhere. Let my deep experience guide you into your ultimate servitude.

Inside you will be taken through my carefully crafted slave training courses; and through audio, video and images you will become my perfect slave.

You will see hundreds of exclusive photos and videos. You will earn points for special privileges. I will pay attention to you if you follow my slave tasks well. There will also be new daily slave tasks to keep your attention on me, every day.

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